I am a loner,
Yes, a path so lonely…
I am a purple moon,
And I am a scorching sun as well;
I am hearted and humane;
Yet I am a firestorm
Loaded with dangerous clouds!
I can track myself not
Where I’m spreading…
Yet I treasure myself everywhere;
In miseries, and in ecstasy.
I step back to innocent grooves;
Yet I play insane…
Puffing my madness across!
I am very mere,
And upstream to disclose.
I don’t combine with anyone;
Except the things which occur not,
And collapse unto the unseen!
I am a vehicle,
You cannot fetch your weight in;
And you time to be fearful of
My presence; and be covered
With distaste in my absence…
Hence I exist in solitude;
Though it is a thronged hamlet!



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