Am I that voice in you?
That always surrounded you;
At my darkest darks…
Am I that someone
Who summoned you
To kiss my soul;
So fused and blurred maybe?
I know not of who am I…
A lonesome love;
That loves himself through you;
Acting before an acceleration
To retard me of what I have…
You be sure:
Oh lovely…
I have nothing
To wish and lose,
But you so admirable
In my circumstance;
That I need to fail once again…
Do you know me?
That I am struck by
The thunders of your beauty!
I am imperative not, Oh the sunshine
Of my grounds…
I just wish to say that
I am free to love you;
In my own way…
I know not what I am made of;
But I discovered various images
I wanted to see in you;
Forgive me I am insane
I see no difference
Between you and I;
I but carry a boat
To sail…

– Morvick ft. Ábrahám