I Miss You


I am fallen, yes I know.
To create a singleness inside
I know very well,
and i am apart from you
for a reason i cannot spell.

I thought your thoughts
are a luxury within my heart;
and I came to know
you are the soul that surrounds
my emptiness without a vocal.

I surrender to the Supreme,
and i surrender to you.
For i was never a beggar
without a stand,
who only wanted you.

I can see my energy
lying by your side.
And never do i wish
to catch your attention but
I die for your solitary sight.

I miss you…
Yes i miss you my omnipresent beloved,
for my poor eyes can reach you not
but i imagine you are here;
and Morvick remains in a thirst.

You fly, i can feel.
You fall, i can heal..
Morvick senses his love…
For he is made to be in love
Forever with you.

                       -Rupésh van Morvick



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