It Seems You’re Here…


A very tough and lose
Trajectory of memories,
Has dragged a soul
That lies beneath my body…

In search of you,
Many destinations have been made.
While thinking of you,
Various creations talk to my mind…

Leading a life like an ignorant,
I ever have concealed you.
My words but are bound to explain
Myself for i am good with my pen…

It seems you are the paper
And i am your pen.
When both acclaim the together,
Can create the invincible…

I contain a loser inside
For i know love like a tasty addiction,
That demands not of any
Subject or an object…

It seems you’re here,
Every factor assembling for a null.
It seems you’re here,
I know it’s a myth that i suffer from
More than the reality…

                  –Rupésh van Morvick



I Miss You


I am fallen, yes I know.
To create a singleness inside
I know very well,
and i am apart from you
for a reason i cannot spell.

I thought your thoughts
are a luxury within my heart;
and I came to know
you are the soul that surrounds
my emptiness without a vocal.

I surrender to the Supreme,
and i surrender to you.
For i was never a beggar
without a stand,
who only wanted you.

I can see my energy
lying by your side.
And never do i wish
to catch your attention but
I die for your solitary sight.

I miss you…
Yes i miss you my omnipresent beloved,
for my poor eyes can reach you not
but i imagine you are here;
and Morvick remains in a thirst.

You fly, i can feel.
You fall, i can heal..
Morvick senses his love…
For he is made to be in love
Forever with you.

                       -Rupésh van Morvick


Imaginary Friend

Missed by love;
or escaped from the heaven
call it whatever in letters,
for words fall short to define.
But when you loose someone;
without winning before…
Then the object
or a person you must say;
becomes your imaginary friend.
Is beyond human
consisting her own sun,
upon the shining head
you watched during intermissions.
She is your soul now,
go my loved ones and contain
your Sufism and claim not
what you didn’t get.
Become a nature condemning
the poisons in society.
I know you rattle when alone,
prefer the crowd
to gain a silence and be alone
to acquire a momentum…
You are not just you
for i am your imaginary friend…

                   –Rupésh van Morvick