A Distant Sunshine


It was from below,
I was watching that beauty;
dancing in delight
and twisting her feminism.

It was a daylight that
crushed through and delivered
a heat most wanted,
to the birds and the fishes.

Humans cloud upon the sunshine,
for it is a mark of warmth and love.
And the sweetness sings
rephrasing the same melody.

Ask me not what Morvick thinks of it,
but he is just a small nut,
before the beautiful beauty
of the passion color sunshine.

Go and embrace your beloved,
with love and its closed vibes;
and reclaim the past
by forgetting the future.

The sunshine gets not old
but we humans do
and if we walk on a parallel track,
we can touch each other’s hands.


                      -Rupésh van Morvick

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When I’m lost somewhere,
not knowing that mystique
of a simple churning frame;
and a paddle lost in a bicycle.
My heart grows arranged,
having everything out of the nothing
bewildering in the shadow of my
beloved’s face with every remark.
I feel on crutches,
for every moment makes me lame;
I feel i am blind with the useless eyes,
for what I seek, i can see not.
Nature hence admires my situation,
offering no opinion to my will,
and hence i admire it too and sing
what if you’re not here with me…
what if you’re not here with me…

-Rupésh van Morvick