When Adam Meets Eve: By Rupésh van Morvick

When it rains, i feel like the Adam;
i can see you in every single drop
of water falling on me…
And the drops not willing to touch my lips;
for they are very far away
and out of reach even if so near…
The smell of the earth from the touch
of the raindrops;
creates a flavor of a deadlocked oneness,
and i feel my head dwelling
inside your laps and be lost
in the mystical eden unrecognized…
I can fantasize myself and
can imagine so large that would create
a nebula in your name for
it can get stuck into my stars;
containing a single vessel named heart we call it…
I am discared and i feel like
i was alway meant to stand
unto the black dark clouds;
made from the tempest of loneliness…
But some theories haunt me
for they hold the truth by nature so supreme,
that the black clouds contain water
even if they stand solitary;
and they relieve but the thirsty
living varsity in a great multitude…
I hope not i be that cloud,
and you the rain to be or vice versa;
i but need to evaporate out of the oceans
and to remain in touch with you, my Eve…


A TIME FOR FRIENDS: Rupésh van Morvick



A time came into the father’s life;

that he hardly could arrange for his son

he only could drink the poison of poverty

and cannot share with his only son.


Rejections are the only fascinations for him,

for he dwells inside a broken roof;

and the tempest so deep and down appeared

like a fantasy for a school kid.


Meaning of a fight go divergent and

hence is lost under anonymity;

he gives up and stands again,

he moves with his feet but with broken shoes.


He tries for he’s bound to try his flags

that will create a definite thrust one day,

Morvick just analyses his brain and lungs over it;

and hopes for that father with a peg again.


He’s getting an affirmation to get so firm now,

for his struggle contains not the canons;

but his overwhelming character that will count for his

Pursuit of Happiness…




Rupésh van Morvick