BIRDS WILL FLY : Rupésh van Morvick

Birds have appeared to the earth

and singing the songs of their names again,

Morvick finds himself to be so successful

to be lost in freedom with the feathers;

that the birds involve with them.


I want to dance once again

and i want to tango again twice and thrice;

and can sense the new morning hymn

sung by them over and over again

and blending a melody of trance underneath my minds.


I need to take a tour with those birds,

by holding them into my embrace

with every possible tenderness i involve;

and my laps will get fulfilled

with the knock from that nature.


I watch children rejoicing the presence

of those birds satiate unto their innocence;

the frequent similarity comes to link together

and earning synchronized with a pleasure in plenty

and the absoluteness is created thus.


Though i know for the birds,

nature gave trees and humans made cages

and Morvick wants to stir at a hamlet;

where birds sit in humans’ laps

and not feeling the difference between shapes…


Rupésh van Morvick


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