Without You

Your first glimpse left me thirsty,
and i had not suffered such a thirst
without water i can say.
I wished to see you again and again
and i was provided with her presence…

Her presence had a greater impact
than the water that extinguishes fire.
Chemistry-the subject was going on,
and i found Morvick go lost
inside her lucid eyes…

Subjects come to an end one day,
and my heart began to fail
for it couldn’t see her anymore.
The rate of my heart beats
went on going lower and lower…Norrin_Radd_(Earth-634962)_0001

Two years gone with a hard flavor to my mouth,
and the subjects started again.
This time it was Physics and i saw her again,
my heart started its beats and symphony
i was thunderstucked
as i felt her eyes upon me…

The ‘time’ again played a tough dice,
and she fell apart again.
She’s the only one my heart beats for;
It’s a big story my words can’t reveal.
And i’m happy she’s settled now,
and about me…
I am a mad in love…Shalla-Bal_Memory

-Rupésh van Morvick


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