Triggered with the heat, and assaulted with the welcomed conditions. No notion falls inside that mind that is keen to follow that has ne’er followed its own self. Maybe it could stand to be a treasure, or else a sympathy delivered from the sun. I stand on the footway where dangers are obvious, and regard […]

“The Summer With A Toast”

And the summer remains gloomy, with the hurdles caved-in temperatures, as it throws its beams to the heads and attics. Beseeching to invade the winters and making the countenance quite substantial. The nature remains to be at its best; with the forearms of its thunders and sun, the ancestral law of ours to claim and […]

Love fall

When love follows its instinct,we are bound to fail under its own gravity;and when it enters underneath its dwellingsit excites and demoralises as well…For it’s a profound pleasure andan ecstatic agony that runs.Everything seems blurred if burned with love;everything seems bountiful when touched by love…It’s a torment…It’s a meditation;and as well it’s a beyond life […]